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PETRONI d.o.o. was founded in February 1992 as a company specialised in selling car parts and became one of the leading companies in the field for general engine repairs. In 2005 we decided to start a new business division – “caravaning”, and in 2012 we decided to give up the car part business and focus exclusively on camping vehicles and camping equipment. The symbol of the new business era in the Petroni company was the import of the Giottiline Z600 motor home in 2006 – you can see it on our cover page because it earned itself a special mention. Giottiline Z600 was the first of 4 new motor homes and the eighth motor home in Croatian history where, at the time, according to data compiled by the agency Promocija plus, only 7 motor homes were registered which means we increased the number of motor homes by almost 60% in one step.

The motor home market in Croatia was inactive in 2006 when we started and we continued developing it in the following years by participating as exhibitors to trade fairs and increasing the motor home fleet for rentals. In the following years, we became the authorised partners of renowned motor home manufacturers (RIMOR, KNAUS , Winsberg, Caravans International and Roller team), and we introduced caravans into our offer (Knaus , Tabbert and Weinsberg). We went to school and became the authorised service providers for all devices installed in motor homes – Truma, Dometic, Thetford, Teleco&Telair, Project 2000 and Sinclair. We also obtained the certificates to convert vans into campers by using the assortment from our shop where we always have available the important parts for camping vehicles while the rest can be obtained shortly. Although the Croatian market is still catching up with the developed Western countries, our clients get excellent services and products just as in the West for lower prices. Another confirmation of our quality and our clients’ satisfaction is the fact we have regular customers from Slovenia, Hungary and Austria.

Today Petroni’s rental fleet also includes customised vehicles for film production and we keep our camper fleet young, even our oldest campers look like new and therefore our Croatian and foreign clients gladly buy second-hand campers from Petroni. The buyers of new campers choose us not only because they get the most for their money, but also because they can find here campers of superior design and quality.

The camper owners can solve absolutely all their problems here, with us, and that makes us unique in the region, and the prices and proffesional approach recommend us as our clients’ first choice. Our clients are aware we know even the slightest details about our vehicles, and they can count on highly specialised and proffesional services. The services and maintenance are provided without delay by our qualified staff with years of experience in the sale and maintenance of all types of camping vehicles. We only apply original techniques and parts used by the camping vehicle manufacturers.

My name is Ronald Petrović and alongside my team I am always here to help, address your potential concerns and make your holiday or the rest of your life unforgettable.

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How to get ready for the trip?

If you travel by motor home you are in no hurry to get somewhere!

The decision to travel by motor home itself is a moment that you will remember and talk about for ages. You cannot wait to pick up the motor home !! You go get your motor home, the excitement is at its peak… Here it is!!! The motor home is shining in the sun, waiting for you, ready to go. You have tens of questions, you are excited, but the renter explains everything in detail, gives you advice and draws your attention to certain things. Finally, you are done with the paperwork and you can go home to move into your motor home. The moving in part, especially if this is your first trip by motor home, needs time and attention to details. And it will take some time …to store everything correctly in the right place so that it doesn’t tap or fall, and to remember where everything is. It feels like moving into a new home !! The day is almost over but not everything found its new place… It is recommended not to bring too many clothes. You only need to take basic things. Camping is not a fashion show. There’s no pressure, you have time for everything. It is important to start your journey, get away from home at least 100 km or to the first campsite. To have enough time to find your place… and what else? To have your first meal in the motor home !! This is a special pleasure. You can forget the trips to the seaside from the old times and the family meals eaten off the hood of the car… or on the blankets by the river in the forest. And the first coffee in front of the motor home while listening to birds ?!! Your soul will sing happily and cheerfully. You cannot find an explanation for not trying this before… But it is never too late.

When you’re planning the trip, remember you’re not planning a triathlon race. The motor home is not meant for racing. You will see things that were not in your original plans which will change on a daily basis. This is what makes camping special, it always brings something new, unexpected. “Motor home = adventure = freedom” . You will always live life to the maximum. You will never be able to see everything that you planned but you will have a lot of unexpected experiences, something that will drag you into new journeys and new adventures.

A motor home is not a small car so do not plan to travel more than 1000 km a day. Shorter drives bring more pleasure. For a 10- day trip, 1500 km is the optimal number of kilometres which guarantees enough fun.


Motor homes will surely fill and enrich your soul and they will broaden your horizons.




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