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We offer unforgettable holidays and trips in our premium campers and caravans. Holidays that will become a lifestyle, holidays beyond compare. Sale, rental and excellent maintenance service of motor homes, caravans and camping equipment. We are the only company in Croatia which is the authorised service provider and partner for all the equipment installed in the camping vehicles. Sale and rental of premium customised trailers for different purposes. Trailers for offices, bathrooms, sanitary facilities, mobile shops and exhibitions, accommodation, trailers for the film industry... In short, we offer every type of high-quality mobile solutions.

Ul. Slavka Tomerlina 8, Sesvete, Hrvatska

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If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, feel free to contact us. Our highly qualified staff will help you and answer all your questions and requests.


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Slavka Tomerlina 8-10, 10361 Sesvete - Kobiljak

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Rental/Sales +385 91 2427 247
Caravan service : +385 95 2425 245



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