PETRONI d.o.o. was established in February 1992 as a company specialized in the sale of auto parts, where for years we were one of the leading companies in the sales of engine overhaul parts. In 2005, we decided to launch a new division of business, “caravaning”, and in 2012 we made the decision to cease our auto parts operations and dedicate ourselves exclusively to camp vehicles and camping equipment. Marking a new era in the business of Petroni was the import of the Giottilline Grall Z600 camper in 2006. year Giottilline was the first of 4 new campers and the eighth camper in Croatian history, where at that time, according to the data from the agency Promocija plus, only 7 campers were registered. This meant that our step increased the number of campers by almost 60%.

18. years of traveling

The camper market in Croatia in 2006 was inactive where in the following years we developed the market with exhibitions at fairs and by increasing the fleet of campers for rent. Over the next few years, we become leading partners of renowned camper factories (RIMOR, Knaus, Weinsberg, Caravans International, and Roller team), and we introduce caravan trailers (Knaus, Weinsberg, and Tabbert) to the range. We gather together and become authorized service partners for all devices installed in camping vehicles – Truma, Dometic, Thetford, Teleco&Telair, Project 2000, Sinclair, and SR Mecatronic MA-VE. Also, we have received certificates for the conversion of vans into campers which is complemented by the assortment of our store where we always have all the essential parts for camping vehicles available, and everything else is supplied in the shortest possible time. The market maybe smaller compared to developed Western countries, yet our clients can enjoy top-tier service and products similar to those in the West, but at lower prices. The quality and satisfaction of our clients are affirmed by our steady customer base from other developed nations such as Slovenia, Hungary, and Austria.


“Here you can find everything you need for a camper, I don’t think there is such a store in Croatia.”

Marijo M.

“The men were complete gentlemen. No hassles. No scams.”

Bob F.

“Amazing, friendly and top class! Look no further, they have excellent service!”

Anera s.


Opting for a camper van journey is an experience that will be remembered and recounted. The excitement builds as you await the pickup day; when it finally arrives, the camper shines in the sun, ready for adventure. It’s like moving into a new apartment – it takes time to arrange everything, to ensure nothing rattles or falls as you remember where everything is placed.

There’s no place for nervousness – you have time for everything. It’s essential to start the journey, distance yourself from home, and settle in successfully. Dining in the camper is a unique pleasure, as is the first morning coffee accompanied by the chirping of birds – these are moments of true happiness.

Don’t make ambitious travel plans; the camper is not for racing. The road will surely lead you to unexpected destinations, bringing new adventures every day.

“Camper = adventure = freedom.”

The camper is not for fast stretches; less driving means more enjoyment. For a ten-day trip, 1500 km is the optimal distance for genuine pleasure and broadening horizons. Campers enrich the soul and offer new perspectives.